Nattokinase pulled by HC – Another GREAT natural health product gone!

NattokinaseYet another valuable NHP called nattokinase is about to be refused. It has been consumed in fermented soybeans for more than 1000 years in Japan, and supplements have been available in Canada without incident for two decades. As a cardiovascular aid, nattokinase safely lowers blood pressure and prevents blood clots. The real issue is not safety, but that it competes too effectively against pharmaceuticals such as Coumadin/ Warfarin, Aggrenox, Aspirin, Heparin, Lovenox, Plavix, Pradaxa, and Xalralto, all of which have caused death.


Many people have written asking for a letter which they can send to their M.P..  A link to a downloadable document to send to your M.P. is here.


  1. It angers me that Health Canada listens to doctors and pharmaceutical companies and will take away a product that I, and many others in Canada, use daily to protect their weakened hearts.  I have had run-ins with 3 doctors because I used nattokinase for atrial fibrilation.  In fact, one of them pulled my drivers licence for about a year and a half when he found out I was using it [or maybe for not using warfarin]  They know nothing about nattokinase so they simply have Health Canadsa take it off the market.  They do not care if I use it to protect my heart, they just take it away from me. Health Canada, who I pay a lot of taxes to have in our government, would rather I simply have the medical profession 'manage' my heart problems than have alternative medicine cure my problem   Ken D.

  2. Obviously this is a result of lobbying by Big Pharma to get rid of NHPs. They have been playing this game for years. You can't patent a natural's essential free so their plan is to get the goverment to do their dirty work for them. Also a lot of the "studies" and "data" used to put down NHPs are commisioned by …you guessed it..Big Pharma.  Many NHPs have been in use for thousands of years with hardly any problems..yet the side effects of almost every single prescripton drug can do you harm!

    It's a shame Health Canada is falling for their tatics and becomming just like the FDA in the states! I guess they make more tax dollars from the big guys than from a small operation making a natural products.

  3. Not unbelievable. This just continues on and on. The government reaps taxes off tobacco sales ans liquor sales, products which harm, yet they not only refuse to provide health insurance for safe inexpensive supplements, but they take them off the shelves so we cannot choose them. Don't they realize we are saving the country tons of money by spending our own money on natural health products instead of using pharmaceuticals? Other countries are far ahead of Canada in their use and promotion of natural remedies. Clearly the pharmaceutical industry runs the show…to the impoverishment of the entire country.

  4. I can buy toxic coloured candy from a bukl food store and feeed it to a baby but I can't get natto? The Givernment is crazy.
    It's OK tfor doctors to prescribe potent and potentially harmful drugs for the least thing – but we can't choose which supplements we use. 

    • Exactly!  They don't check for radiation in granite countertops, even though it is well known to be there; they don't care about the garbage food or even enough to prevent lead contaminated stuff from China from hitting the shelves and homes before its recalled, if it all is.

      But heaven forbid that we take nattokinase!

  5. this is just crazyness the pendulum is swinging to far : health and healing can never comingle with revenue profit driven care this only leads to the wastefullness of human lives and the suffering prolonged. where does commonsense go when it envoles money! From the ground up it does matter! where life is thats where we must begin using sense, keep what works the rest is useless to all concerned. why are we cheapaning what already has been given, why must we destroy, synthisize life?

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